Access & Directions

The property is in the village Llanllyfni. The lane Lon Ty Gwyn is marked by the school sign. The single track road is well maintained and accessible. Please continue up the lane, where it bends to the right.

Immediately on your left will be a house over a bridge, the lane continues up the hill to our neighbours, this is also the route any sat nav will tell you to drive. Please do not drive UP the hill, you will end up on our neighbours driveway. There is a farm gate where the lane clearly continues up through farmland next to the house over the bridge.

Please drive through his gate taking care to close the gate behind you. Continue up the track where you may find another gate in use before you reach ours. 

We will endeavour to have one of us available to open the gates for you.  

Please park neatly on the driveway for ease of access to all the other attendees to the course.

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