Smallholding Experience

This workshop covers all the aspects of setting up your own smallholding. Emma will take you through the process of addressing the many issues that we had to address after buying Maes Mawr. This is our second smallholding and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you. Everyone leaves with printed workshop notes to take home with you. 

May TBA 2021 9.45am - 5pm

Location: Maes Mawr, Llanllyfni LL54 6DG

Cost: £95.00 including lunch and a cream tea

9.45am - 10.15am - Tea/coffee and welcome

10.15am - 11am - Choosing Your Own Smallholding

Choosing your own smallholding, initially this part of the day will take place inside. We will talk you through some photos of what we originally bought. Emma will take you through the process of assessing your potential new or current home. A show and tell of building from scratch. An introduction to pallet building, and how budget should not be a restriction on what you want to create. Emma will explain the process of planning your site, obtaining your CPH number.

11am - 12pm - A Full Tour, Land Management, Chickens and Grazing

A tour of the smallholding, starting at the top Emma will give you a guided tour showing you some of the improvements we have made to our site and how we went about it. You will get to meet our chickens and ducks, see the geese and learn how they can impact your land. We will give you a quick oversight on their care and welfare. You will meet Thor and Hercules our ponies. Emma will explain the land management we have in place, weed control and how important windbreaks can be. How useful hedging can be for livestock and for bio diversity. Emma will show you the tractor and explain how it benefits us even on a small plot.


12pm - 1pm - The Kitchen Garden

Emma will give you a tour of the vegetable garden, she will explain how she created a productive piece of land from what was rough pasture. See the set up for growing plants on from seed, the various equipment we have on site. Learn a little about growing all year round, understanding your climate and how to produce food all year round.

1pm - 2pm - Lunch


2pm - 3pm - Dairy Goats

Emma will talk you through a basic introduction to keeping goats. Learn how to house them and take care of their needs as well as have an opportunity to hand milk a goat if you would like to. Emma will explain animals movement records, as well and handling skills for larger goats.

3pm - 3.30pm - Keeping Pigs

Meet our Kune Kune pigs, Queenie Charlotte, Wilbur and Nemo.  See how they are clearing the land for us, see their housing and learn of the basic health care for keeping them.

3.30pm - 4.15pm - Keeping Sheep

Meet our small flock of sheep, Emma will show you the area we use for containing them for the purposes of shearing fleeces, trimming feet. You will learn how to spot fly strike, how to deal with it and other common issues in sheep. Learn about the fleece, its possibilities for use and raising sheep for meat.

4.15pm - 5pm - Cream Tea and Q & A

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